Royal Ladies' and Gentlemens' Experimental Madness Society

A bit about what we do.

Welcome good explorer!

Welcome to Steampunk Chicago, home of the Royal Ladies’ & Gentle-mens’ Experimental Madness Society.  Founded in 2008 by The Lord Baron JCR Vourteque IV and Rev. Cpt. Samuel Flint, the RL&GEMS is a collective of artists, thinkers, musicians, performers and just en generale strange folk with a Steampunk bent.

A bit about Steampunk Chicago.

At Steampunk Chicago the RL&GEMS are creating an inspiring outlet for steampunk creatives and thinkers based both in Chicago and worldwide.  This website also acts as a portal to Steampunk events, meetings, and goings on within the Chicagoland area as well as greater national Steampunk events and conventions.  Our collection of fine writers and editors bring you weekly articles of Steampunk in the media, history, science, fashion, gadgets, art and more.

A word about Steampunk.

Steampunk, is a catch all phrase to describe the artistic and literary movement that borrows aesthetics mostly from the 1870s all the way through the 1930s, though not necessarily trapped within any certain time period at all.  The movement has been gathering, ahem, steam, since the late 80s.  Today steampunk themes can be found in popular and underground art, fiction, cinema and fashion, as well as in conventions, trendy TV shows, and even home decor.

Our Friendly Staff.

Sam Perkins-Harbin530462_10100217587440227_1480110118_n

Sam is a co-founder and writes occasional posts about props, science, and weird steampunk finds. He also creates all of our imagery, website needs, and artistic promotional materials.

He maintains a portfolio website at Forge22.com.


Joseph VourtequeVorteque-640x603

Joseph CR Vourteque is a co-founder and DJ. He travels to various events and conventions, spinning the latest in timeless electroswing music.

His professional and booking site is at Vourteque.com.


Joe Mason

Joe Mason is our resident history and steampunk culture writer.

He is also a musician of the band White City Rippers.


Best to all,

The Royal Ladies’ & Gentle-mens’ Experimental Madness Society, Steampunk Chicago.