A Pirates View of WSX

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Hello mates! Do you know why you are such an impressive component of the great Steampunk machine? It is because you are a singular cog in the whole contraption and without it you remain an impressive wad of leather and rivets all by your lonesome! You are not merely a steampunk but you are steampunk!

For those of you all in the steam service that attended the World Steam Expo of 2012 you already experienced the piston driving, rod thrusting, pressure building locomotion of those days of celebration. For the rest of you that were left behind, wandering in the dripping darkness, shivering with the regret of having missed the Expo . . . you were NOT forgotten.

Music blasted like a hundred cannons and merriment was injected into the very girders of the hotel! One’s eyes feared to blink as costumes and uniforms and gadgets steadily marched by day and night to the rhythmic pulse of what was happening. People were engaged in conversations about Nerf gun conversions and tea was sipped in between debates about Doctor Who companions. Beautiful dresses with suave hats and ray guns to match poured through the halls while smartly dressed mates in ties and spats developed manners enough to bow and shake hands without saying ‘dude’! Children rode atop on the pure electricity of the event’s life-force itself caked in smiles of pearly splendor! Video games, strobe lights and the hall of vendors never ceased. And never was so much tobacco and absinthe consumed in the darkened corners beneath the trees that graced the front entrance and never will it occur again until 2013.

But here observe the dissected cross section of the 2012 World Steam Expo!

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