An Interview with the Talent from Clockwork Vaudeville IV

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It is that time again!  After an extended hiatus full of conventions, BBQs, movie production, sailing and – of course – actual work – we’re back with our biggest Clockwork Vaudeville YET!  This coming Saturday July 17th we feature live acts by Sophia Balentine of TARTANIC, Hypnotist C. Morley and the triumphant return of Magician Michael Burke!  On top of that we have a guest DJ set by none other than The Chaotic Good (and their giant robot!) and sponsorship by local establishments Quimby’s, UnScene Magazine and the new Wicker Park boutique Sir & Madame!

To commemorate this momentous occasion we’ve sent three questions to the performers and sponsors, here are some of their responses.

The Chaotic Good

They built that robot.

The Chaotic Good are a DJ and production duo that specialize in hard, dark and industrial influenced electronic music.  As they are also engineers, they like to build machines that they bring out to shows as accompaniment.  Their biggest, and best known to date, is their 8 ft tall, fully articulated robot.  For more information visit them on Myspace or Soundcloud.

Steampunk Chicago : Describe your performance and its style

The Chaotic Good : We perform with Ableton Live and an iMac, manipulating everything via midi controllers.  We always perform with our 8ft tall, 600lb robotic statue. This statue is in turn controlled by midi signals attached to solenoid valves that tell a series of 16 pneumatic cylinders when to move.  In effect, it dances around while we play.

SP-Chi : What are three influences on your performance?

TCG : Our 3 biggest influences would have to be, of course, dance music in general, Daft Punk, and, on a larger scale, the idea of being chaotic good.

SP-Chi : Why steampunk?

TCG : We have always been fascinated by the fantastical, and since we did build a giant air-powered robot it made perfect sense to play a steam-punk party!

Hypnotist C. Morley

Curt Morley has been leading ghost hunts and tours throughout western Chicagoland with Elgin Supernatural Tours for the past 7 years.  He’s also a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and has been a hypnotist for the over 20 years.  Now, after an extended sabbatical, he is returning to the stage.

Sp-Chi : Describe your performance and its style.

C. Morley : My hypnotic stage show is designed so that those who choose to be hypnotized have as much fun as the people watching the show.  No barking like a dog or clucking like a chicken in this show.

SP-Chi : What are three influences on your performance?

C. Morley : My influences are as follows: First, Pat Collins, one of the greatest stage hypnotists of all time.  Second, Ormond Mcgill, the dean of American Hypnotists.  And three, Harry Houdini, whose devotion to his craft has always inspired me.

SP-Chi : Why steampunk?

C. Morley : I love the works of H G Wells, Jules Verne and Conan Doyle. I became aware of the Steampunk movement last fall at Windycon. I was impressed by the costuming and the fun loving attitude of the people involved in it.  When [RL&GEMS member] Bill Dunbar asked me if I would interested in performing for you, I jumped at the chance.

Quimby’s Manager Liz Mason

Their website boasts that Quimby’s has been “making other bookstores look retarded since 1991.” While that may be a little harsh, Quimby’s has certainly been adding a distinct flavor to the Chicago literary sales scene since it opened in 1991.  Liz Mason has been a manager with Quimby’s for the past several years, on top of managing eclectic local book sellers, she also loves karaoke, tiki stuff and pugs.

Sp-Chi : Please describe your establishment.

L. Mason : Quimby’s Bookstore specializes in independently published zines, books, comics and other weird ephemera.

Sp-Chi : What are three influences on your establishment.

L. Mason : Some of the major influences on Quimby’s include the art of Chris Ware, punk rock, conspiracy theory, and lowbrow art.

Sp-Chi : Why Steampunk?

L. Mason : Quimby’s sponsors steampunk activities because the genre pairs an attractive vintage aesthetic with a true DIY philosophy.

Thanks guys!  And don’t forget to join us this Saturday, July17th at Exit for Clockwork Vaudeville IV : Summer Spectacular!  Doors are at 10pm, there is NO cover, $3 Rum and $4 Gin specials and more madness than you can shake a brass and gear etched cane at!  For more information visit us at Yelp, Do312 or Facebook!

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