Autre Monde Brings Fresh Fare to Chicago

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Almost a year ago now we heard rumor of an alternative world/steampunk styled restaurant and bar that was to open in Berwyn and go by the name Autre Monde.  Of course this was exciting news to those of us in the steampunk community as we steampunkers are quite drawn to anywhere that embraces our aesthetic.

After quite a bit of waiting, we’re happy to say that Autre Monde has opened.  Created and developed by the same people behind Horrorbles  (and located next door), Autre Monde is one of the newest restaurants to delve into the craft cocktail/boutique eatery movement.  They grow produce in the greenhouse located behind the establishment and source fresh and high end ingredients.  Without a doubt the food was fantastic, from the fresh sardines and octopus L’escala to the sazarac and blood orange gimlet cocktails to the porterhouse pork chop and eggplant frites – not a member of our rather large group was dissatisfied with their fare.

However, classical steampunk Autre Monde is arguably not.  Trying to latch onto an outright aesthetic movement would take away from the real draw of the place, a restaurant with quality service, food and ambiance. 

The interior design is refined and well balanced.  Though minimal in many respects, the interior showcases a variety of large-scale classic french cinema posters, a Victorian grate adorning the ceiling and reclaimed wood table tops.  One of my favorite design aspects is found in the mens’ bathroom of all places, where the walls are tiled in the covers of various vintage pulp magazines with such lurid headlines as “The Stripper Who Did It For Science.”

All in all, Autre Monde has a lot to offer.  I look forward to returning for another lovely meal and cocktail and I personally cannot wait to see how the place evolves in its design and gastronomic fare.

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