Clockwork Vaudeville: Chicago Defines Midwestern Steampunk Dance Party

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It was the Saturday before St. Patrick’s day – it was raining outside – it was cold – there were a whole lot of things going on – what was a Steampunker to do?

Go to Clockwork Vaudeville of course!  And THANK YOU to all who did – it was a nuit phénoménale – complete with AMAZING outfits, fantastic gadgets, top notch music (“I never thought I could play this stuff and people would dance” said Mr. Auto-Technical) and top notch crowd.  Who knew that Chicago had such the scene.

Thanks also to all those who came from other parts Midwest – the Airship Archon members Cpt. Anthony LaGrange and the lovely  Salena Van Eycke from Columbus, the phenomenal Lisa Marie’s friends from Indianapolis, the charming group of ladies from St. Louis, the Lady KL Kenzie’s good friends from northern Indiana, The Variable Dr. N and company from none other than Knoxville, TN and many, many more.

There was also quite a bit of photography at the event – always a good sign.  If you’d like to see the Time Out Chicago photo-spread just go HERE.

And, of course, what follows are the photographs (including the one above) taken by our charming resident photo-luminist, Lisa Marie Ogle.

We’ll be doing it again in April – so keep your goggles on and your steam-powered hearing gadgets tuned for the next CLOCKWORK VAUDEVILLE!

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