Clockwork Vaudeville! Mind controlled music, fantastic gadgets and Neo-Victorian fashion!

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Clockwork Vaudeville

Chicago’s First Steampunk Dance Party

Saturday March 13th
Exit Nightclub 1315 W. North Ave.
9pm – 5am

THE VARIABLE DR. N presenting the premiere of his new mind controlled, reality bending live show…


Adam Killing (Kill Memory Crash)
Mr. Automatic (Front 312)
Joe Vor-Tech (Resident DJ)
DJ Wyser (Custom Vibes)

Will play: Steampunk, Neo-Vaudeville, Dark Cabaret, PunkRock Blues, EBM, Industrial, Dark-Synth & More!

*Come in your best!*

$50 for Best Outfit from Bonnie & Clydes!
$50 for Best Invention from American Science & Surplus!

$3 Bombay Saffire & Kilo Kai beverages
No Cover

UPDATE 03/10/10:

Chicago Steampunks

Photo © 2010 Lisa Marie Ogle

We are featured in Time Out Chicago this week! The lovely Lisa Marie’s photograph accompanies the text in the printed version.

In case you have not heard, someone has actually granted the Royal Ladies’ & Gentle-mens’ Experimental Madness Society a space to do an event this Saturday, March 13th (Exit Nightclub being that one someone).  For more information on that, though do RSVP on the Facebook .

The show will feature DJs, an outfit contest with a $50 gift certificate to Bonnie & Clydes and an invention contest with a $50 gift certificate to American Science & Surplus! Expect congruent birthday festivities for our friends the lovely Lady KL Kenzie, Mr. Wesley & Mr. Auto-Technical.

The highlight of this show shall be:

The Variable Dr. N and his DIY madness known as “Anachrocoustica”!

I, the Lord Baron, traveled to the obscure outpost of Knoxville, Tennessee to spend a weekend with the good Doctor drinking bourbon, watching motion pictures, engaging in nightlife culture with interesting people, hiking in the Smokey Mountains (do go if you ever get the chance) and of course, documenting his insane musical inventions.

To put it quite succinctly, you must see it in person to believe it.  Regardless, here are some pictures  of his studio/wunderkammer and the inventions that reside therein.

steampunk stuff
Here you see the studio.  In front is an antique typewriter that has been converted into a MIDI controller.  Behind and center is the Mind Control Clock & Music Box plus an array of other things I can never hope to understand.

steampunk candles

Yes, this gentleman works by candle light on occasion.

steampunk computer

This is what he uses as his monitor. Madness. Do pardon his kitchen, though you can see the bottles of bourbon we were polishing off.

midi steampunk music

Here is the good Doctor with his prepared cello.  Through the use of a contact microphone, a single note from this single instrument can become a veritable symphony.

steampunk music box

This is another music box.  The two knobs control it, an out-going plug allows this instrument to makes sounds you would not believe!

midi steampunk musician

What was once a typewriter is now a MIDI keyboard…

neo victorian music

Here we have the Mind Controlled Music Box. To get a better understanding, please do see this INFORMATIVE video!

Dr. N

So with that DO join us at Exit for Clockwork Vaudeville on March 13th.  Again, if you missed the RSVP link it’s Here on the Facebook!

And for your listening enjoyment – do enjoy this piece by the good Variable Dr. N – 100% created via the “Prepared Cello”.

The Variable Dr. N – Piece for Prepared Cello


-The Lord Baron

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