Colonel Obadiah Gunn’s Wild West Music Show

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There’s a new passel of rough riders a-ridin’ into town, a-whompin’ and whoopin’ every livin’ thing that moves within an inch of its life. These here buzzards are Colonel Obadiah Gunn’s Wild West Music Show. Colonel Gunn (aka V Is for Villains manager Carlos Santiago) answered a few questions for us.

1. The website and Facebook page tells us that V Is for Villains presents Colonel Obadiah Gunn’s Wild West Music Show. What is the connection to the Villains?

When V is for Villains originally formed, I decided to make a villain costume to go along with the roles that they were all playing on stage.  As their personal manager, graphic designer and website developer, I felt it would stay in line with what the band was doing if I represented them in costume.  I could have come up with some evil villain costume I guess, but since some of their attire is taken fro turn of the century, I figured that my passion for the old west would fit right in.  I wrote a bio that’s posted on our websites that explains the first meeting of Colonel Obadiah Gunn and Mr. Agitator.  There is an actual story timeline that we’re writing and hope to have out soon in one form or another, be it novel or we’ve also discussed a series of graphic novels, also tying what Nick (Mr. Agitator) is writing for the next CD. Lots of fun stuff.  I am also currently writing a stand alone Colonel Gunn western novel starting with the origin, growing up etc. until the moment that tragedy strikes and turns him into the person he is today. As for shows, I just felt that since Colonel Gunn was born of Villains, it should be V is for Villains presenting the show.  I will always be an advocate of the V is for Villains, being a huge fan myself, and this gives me the chance to spread the word and their works a little bit more.

 COLONELGUNN2. What is the Colonel’s onstage role in the Show?

I thought long and hard before putting this show together.  I’ve been a musician and stage performer all my life and it’s really not an easy job.  Sure it can be fun, but if you want to go past just being a regular band, which is hard in itself, it takes hours of work to put a stage show together, especially one that involves so many other people. I’ve performed at casinos and other large venues.  I’ve written shows that I have directed and performed in.  I had to make sure that I was ok with going through all this again, but I felt I had at least one more great show band in me, so I came up with Colonel Gunn’s Wild West Music Show.  I wanted to do the songs that I grew playing and felt that now was the time since there seems to be such a retro vibe in what a lot of younger musicians are doing.  Imagine if Wild Bill Cody put on his Wild West show now?  It might be a music oriented show, with an “anything goes attitude”. I want our music to be based in a certain time era, but that fans might not know what is coming next.  I also want to highlight other performers as we go on, just like a good variety show should do.  Always giving the audience something new. When Nick and I were talking about the creation of V is for Villains early on, we talked about a circus or ring show type of thing with me playing a ringleader with a top and red coat just like in a circus. Well Nick went on to wear the top hat and I thought that a cowboy ringleader might be a better fit for me anyway, so now I’m the circus ringleader of this show.

3. What is the Colonel hiding under the eye patch?

In The Legend of Colonel Obadiah Gunn, a band of 10 bad guys intent on stealing his land kill his family.  In the process of trying to save them, his left eye is shot out and they leave him for dead.  In real life, what’s under the patch is just another baby blue.

4. You are “a combination of classic rock music, classic country pop and good old fashioned cowboy tunes.” What are some of the songs that we could expect to hear?

All good shows take time to develop.  The band is starting to sound real tight now and we keep adding more songs to the mix.  The show will develop as we go on, which is great because I want it to be something that people will come to see because they love what they heard at the last show, while anticipating a new song or two every time they come out.  As we go on it will take more of a show atmosphere.  Ya gotta walk, before you can run.  As far as songs, we will be playing Beatles, Rolling Stones, Doors, Hank Williams Jr., The Partridge Family (yes for real), Aretha Franklin, Neil Diamond, John Michael Montgomery, Tina Turner, Johnny Cash, Don McLean and so much more.  That’s part of the surprise.  Come on out and find out for yourselves.  We will soon be adding cowboy stuff like Rawhide, Home on the Range and a few other classic cowboy tunes that are close to being forgotten, but shouldn’t be.  We’ll do our best to keep them alive.

Gunn Show5. What is ahead for the Wild West Music Show?

Getting Better All The Time! (Hey…great song…maybe we’ll cover it soon)!  More show elements with a lot of audience involvement.  I want folks (yes I said folks) to have a great time when they see the show. That sense of euphoria when you’ve seen some special. That’s the goal.

Bonus question: are you hombres rootin’-tootin’ or frizzen-fratzen-rizzle-ratzen cowpokes?

Why rootin’-tootin’ of course!

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