Countdown to World Steam Expo 2010

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As many of you may or may not already know the much heralded World Steam Expo is set to launch a week from today and we here at Steampunk Chicago and esteemed members of the Royal Ladies’ & Gentle-mens’ Experimental Madness Society could not be more excited.

“But why, good people, are you so excited” you ask?

For a variety of reasons.  But tantamount to them all is a multifarious array of our members being panelists and participants at the con!  If you happen to make it do check out as many of the events and panels as you can, but should you wish to see your good authors/party promoters/mad scientists in person check out the following.

Steampunk in Popular Culture
Steampunking the Home
Steampunk Events

AND (of course)

One of our ghost hunting devices - The Electro-Aether-Voice-Phenomenon Recorder

The RL&GEMS Showcases their ghost hunting equipment.  At that panel we will be showing and demonstrating our inventions as well as showing pictures, film clips and evidence from hunts we’ve done at such places as The Roff Home in Watskea, Illinois (do check back on Monday for an article on it!)

But that is just the tip of the iceberg!  The grand event also features a mad science fair, a Tiny Top Hat Workshop, a masquerade ball and a live performance by none other than Abney Park.  If you have not seen them live, do not miss the spectacle!

Tickets are still available – so do get them now if you wish to go!

And with that said I will leave you wonder and dream about what things await us in the grand duchy of Dearborn, Michigan.  We do hope to see you there!

The Lord Baron

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