Dieselpunk gleams in Russian music video “Cain” (“Каин”)

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The punks of Steam and Diesel are not unique to the west. Our friends in Russia have a large following as well, and their musical talent produces some amazing music videos.

The name of the song is “Cain,” the familiar Biblical character, and the idea of a false representation.

The story is set in 1926, when the power in the Soviet Union went to Trotsky – the author of the concept of permanent revolution, stealing Tesla’s secret archive of the notorious “death rays”. The Red Army went on the liberation march to the west, but soon scientists were able to replicate the technology of the British Empire, USA, France and the Weimar Republic.

Therefore, the costumes in the video look like the clothing of people in Russia since the revolution. This project had no budget and was filmed by a group of enthusiasts and like-minded people. Shooting panoramas was very difficult due to the presence of urban landscape in the background.  Because of this, during the filming they lit smoke grenades to create a fog effect, which obscured the urban setting in the background.

Creativity, dedication and a low operating budget can create some amazing things. Indeed, they are often the driving force in our Steampunk creations and mindset.

Чистый/Бэнд “Каин”

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