Eliza Rickman’s New Video Kickstarter

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Here at Steampunk Chicago we’re long standing fans of Ms. Eliza Rickman, having written about her in the early days of our website.  As it turns out she’s now working on a new music video to follow up her previous ones, the surreal and lovely Cinnamon Bone and Black Rose.

The video is for her new song “Start with Goodbye, End with Hello“.  To quote from her kickstarter:

It’s been about 2 1/2 years since I released a music video. I am finally ready to make another one, and I’m teaming up with the same brilliant studio responsible for my other two lovely and surreal music videos- Mindfruit Films.

We are making our next video for my personal favorite recording on my album, which is “Start With Goodbye, Stop With Hello”.
Several months ago, my friend Angela Gygi sent me an image of Dino Valls’s painting “Proscaenia”, saying it reminded her of
something I would make, and I thought “YES!!!”. But Damon & Cassandra- the video’s directors- took the concept even further. I
squealed with delight when Damon suggested we use small taxidermied critters for me to interact with in each of the scenes inside the dollhouse- I’ll be having tea with a sparrow, perching on flowers with butterflies, getting unhappily married to a mouse, etc. In order to pull this off, we are using the filming technique known as “forced perspective”- I will be placed a certain distance away from the small animals in order for it to appear as if I am their size in each vignette. This video is also being shot on Red One MX, so the final product will have a beautiful, highly professional and cinematic quality.

The kickstarter for it is at this point is more than 50% full but only has 20 days to go, so get on it!

There are all sorts of options from getting her music or a mixtape (of course) to having a batch of her cherry almond muffin made for you (gluten free available) to having her come to your house and cook dinner for you (West Coast or Chicago only).

Support her today!

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