Field Report – RLGEMS Soiree December

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On the lovely evening on December 1st, I, the Lord Baron Vourteque, decided to humbly open up my abode to the strange, oft-unruly, sometimes macabe, and always beautiful members, friends and family of the Royal Ladies’ & Gentlemens’ Experimental Madness Society for a private soiree!

The rules were simple.

1. One must come in regalia superior to that of the low-man that ravages about the streets in such numbers in this sad day and age.
2. One must respect the space.
3. One may bring libation or small plates of food themselves.
4. Lastly, and one must enjoy themselves.

Past that, all was fair game.

What follows are images from the soiree from such esteemed photo-luminists as the lovely Lady Lisa Marie and the good Mr. Wes.

To see the good Lady Lisa Marie’s full set simply go here.

To see the lovely Mr. Wes’s full set simply go here,


The lovely Dr. Adam Killing & Lady Le Sprite
Here it seems good Mr. Christophe G’s goggles are on a bit tight, no?
Finally, Mr. Auto-Technical pulls himself away from his bender to clean up and be a true gentleman again.
Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the good Reverand Captain Flint.
Even Herr Doktor William decided to go sans vest?  What madness is all this coming to!?
And here we have Christophe being a lovely compliment to the Lady Teanna.
And corks, bereft of wine bottles, found their way to one of my good “esoteric small platters”… strange indeed.
The lovely Lisa Marie and darling Dana Peel.
Here we have two larger pictures of the soiree en generale!
And lastly, but not leastly, a quick moment with myself and my charmingly sharp witted flame, the Lady K.L. Kenzie.
Oh!  But lest we forget… no degree of madness leaves it’s vessel unscathed… and the same can be said of  “Chez JVT et Destructo!”
(that is 14 bottles of wine and 1 of port – in case you wished to count)
Thank you to all members, friends and family of our esteemed society – do look forward to seeing you next time!
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