First RL&GEMS Soiree of 2010 a SMASHING success!

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Steamp;unk Girls Chicago

Well! I must say, I did feel the last soiree was the impressive one but this must have topped them all! No place is quite as lovely to hold a gathering of the minds as Primitive.

We had a lovely showing of LOVELY people! First and foremost, thank you to the good Mr. Joseph Rudy and Primitive’s illustrious proprietor, Glenn Joffe, for allowing the soiree to happen. Thank you to Mr “Sir” Wesley for making the lovely foodstuffs and taking some photography. Thank you to Lisa Marie for photo-documenting it. Thank you to the lovely Lady KL Kenzie for providing us with a copy of Gris Grimely’s “Cannibal Flesh Riot” to watch during our socializing and thank you to everyone else who came to enjoy the show!

Soiree Time!

It started out nicely with socializing, wine and a find assortment of small plate edibles by Sir Wesley. I also had my hand in the foodstuffs, offering up silkworm pupae and some pungent cheeses. Once all the guests had arrived we converged in the library for some short opening words from Mr. Rudy, myself and select others regarding the various goings-ons that evening.

From there we walked up to the second floor to enter the ante-room to the temple where Glenn explained to us the purpose and history of “Tantric Lingam” stones, we also learned, quite sadly, that the only river in which they are found in India is being dammed up and thus the stones are slowly disappearing. From there we went into the Buddhist temple they’ve built and learned about a number of the artifacts inside, as well as the incredible paintings they have on the walls that depict the life of the Buddha himself. These paintings were hand done by an artist who has been doing nothing but painting since he was six years old. Extraordinary!

Steampunk Buddha Room Chicago

If you, good reader, would like to explore these yourself I do suggest you check out the gallery, Primitive, do go to their website (the link is at the top, but in case such things do not function properly on your aether-equipment good traveler, it is You can also visit the gallery during their hours of operation as they ARE a retailer, located at 130 N. Jefferson in Chicago’s west-loop.

After the tour of the rooms the guests walked about the gallery admiring it’s many wonders and talking amongst each other about their goings-ons and the like. Pictures will be up soon regarding the soiree, compliments of Lisa Marie, Mr. Wes and anyone else who was there and would like to offer.

And if you attended, by all means DO add a comment and let us know what YOU thought!

Word on the next soiree will be soon – and do not forget, this Friday at La Mediteranee!

-The Lord Baron

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