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Steampunk is a vibrant and constantly changing arts, music and fashion movement.  And with that it is, of course, expected that there are some lofty dreamers and thinkers with some even loftier goals.  Fortunately for them, and arguably the rest of us, we live in a time when such dreamers can get their message out and ask for donations to start a project.  Here are two that have come to our attention at as of late, we suggest, should you have the money and interest, that you support!

Psychic Joker out of Champaign, IL have put their heads together and developed an idea for a steampunk events and performance space called “Café Extraordinaire”.  They are currently in “phase one” were they are building funds and interest in the project by throwing events and asking for donations and investors via their IndieGoGo page.  Check it out and get involved!

Our second opportunity comes to us from some old friends.  The Davenport Sisters of Clockwork Cabaret fame are teaming with up Eli August to produce an album they are tentatively calling “The Victorian Dead : A Historical Album” the concept is that they will be producing and recording songs written about dead folk from the Victorian era.

To quote their KickStarter page

” ‘The Victorian Dead’ will have songs written about famous people who lived in the Victorian era.  We plan on posting a list of potential people for fans to vote on and the winners will become the subject matter for the album. There will be spoken segments (performed by the cast of The Clockwork Cabaret) interspersed throughout the recording highlighting parts of the subject’s life and giving a general introduction to the song.  We will also be creating a documentary of the recording process.  If we go over our goal, we will give fans the option of adding more tracks to the album, or turning the songs that were selected into richer compositions i.e: more instruments.”

Sounds like a great project!  You can go to their KickStarter page and donate!

Now doesn’t it feel nice to give back to the steampunk scene?


-The Lord Baron

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