Happy Birthday Mr. Dickens

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To one of the most influential writers in the English language we give a hearty happy 200th birthday!  Mr. Charles J.H. Dickens was  born February 7th, 1812 and had a tumultuous upbringing that few knew about until his later years when he admitted publicly that much of his life experiences went into his writings.  Truly he took the novel, a literary form that was seen by many as trashy, and turned it both into a window and a voice for many.

Doubly, Mr. Dickens was a great marketer and self-promoter.  Much of what we expect of authors today, readings, book signings, general public promotions of their works, was pioneered by Charles.

And of course, what would the Steampunk movement be without the precedent he set in his Victorian age over 100 years ago?

The modern world is indebted to you, good sir, in ways you very well may have imagined.  After all, you were quite the savvy gent.

Should you wish to look further into the worldwide celebrations happening on the internet, in print, on the tele, in film and – of course – in real life, do check out Dickens 2012!

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