Journey to the End of the Night: Robot Apocalypse!

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The robots are coming. Tomorrow night. Noble Square.

Grab your team and survive the technological uprising by outrunning and outthinking our mechanical aggressors! Dash from checkpoint to checkpoint in a race to the finish line. An alternate world awaits you, taking a steampunk starship to the stars!

Join us in venturing through the streets of dystopian Chicago, and join the resistance as we brave the final robot apocalypse. Evasion is the name of the game, and the Robot Chasers will be diligently scanning the streets for humans, eager to recruit. Do you and your comrades have what it takes to escape their mechanized grasps, and make it to the Steampunk Starship?

Locate five checkpoints in order, using your map. Players wearing a blue ribbon are human. They’re on your side. Watch out for robots, wearing red ribbons. They will try and tag you, and if you’re tagged, you become a robot hell bent on turning other humans into robots! Refuge can be taken in designated no-tag zones.

Join the resistance on the Facebook invite! Will you survive the journey to the end of the night?

Noble Square 
1390 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL
Saturday Sept 14th, 2013
@hearsthestory #RAJEN

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