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BirdEatsBabyBackerSince way back when, patrons have funded the arts. The Medicis were the financial backbone of the Renaissance. Nowadays, crowdfunding campaigns have made the process more democratic and allow the support to go directly to the artist. Here are a few of the steampunk breed that could use some support.

Brighton’s orchestral punk rockers BirdEatsBaby seek funding for their new album “The Bullet Within” at Having recorded a chunk of the album in 2013, they are still working on production, mixing and mastering. Their Kickstarter premiums include signed set lists and Christmas cards, CDs, magnets, shirts, a rosary necklace, and dinner with the band. Snap it up: the campaign ends Thursday Dec 5, 3:00 pm EST.

HellblinkiSouthern-fried blues art weirdnessmeister Hellblinki has finished most of the new “Multitudes” album, but still needs to mix, master and manufacture CDs and LPs. Premiums at include digital, LP or CD advance orders, stickers, postcards, vinyl test pressings, original album artwork, or a custom made porno-page portable record player (“It’s like decoupage.. but much, um, sexier…”) Hellblinki is trying to raise at least $7,000 by Friday Dec 20, 9:10 am EST.

Sunday DriverCambridge’s Sunday Driver fuse tabla, sitar, clarinet and harp in a literate mélange. They are looking to release “Flo,” an all-Indian language EP. It can be pre-ordered at through March 31, 2014.

Insomniac FolkloreInsomniac Folklore’s “heartfelt and theatrical stomp-along dance party” seeks funding for “Everything Will Burn!” Backers will be supporting their vinyl album at The band plans a regular release as well as limited edition white vinyl with the CD version to follow. Premiums include test pressings, cookies, juggling balls, and long legged bug dolls. Insomniac Folklore is looking for $2,800 by Thursday, December 5, at 2:00 pm EST.

Become a patron of the musical arts.

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