Music from The Gaslight Sessions – Join us Dec 7!

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So two weeks ago Steampunk Chicago, with the gracious support of started our steampunk-vaudeville oriented DJ night “The Gaslight Sessions” at Chicago’s wonderful bar, The Charleston.  Myself, The Lord Baron, and the good Mr. M of the White City Rippers were there and the support was fantastic.  What follows is the playlist from that first night.

Tomorrow we welcome Adam Killing of Kill Memory Crash amongst other projects for more neo-antique music of the yesterday that never was.

Gaslight Sessions #1 Playlist
Mr. M & The Lord Baron

Tiger Lillies – Roll Up (Sepiachord Passport, Projket, 2010)
Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys – Off With Her Head!!! (Sepiachord Passport, Projekt, 2010)
The Real Tuesday Weld – Bathtime in Clerkenwell (I Lucifer, Six Degrees, 2004)
Mr. B. The Gentleman Rhymer – Mansion House (Single)
Oysterband – New York Girls (Ride, Cooking Vinyl, 1996)
Evelyn Evelyn – A Campaign of Shock & Awe (Evelyn Evelyn, Eleven Records, 2010)
Hazmat Modine – Bahamut (Bahamut, Barbes Records, 2006)
The Scarring Party – Mean (Loosing Teeth, Indie, 2010)
Firewater – Borneo (The Golden Hour, Bloodshot Records, 2008)
Anne Dudley & Jaz Coleman – Ziggarats of Cinnamon (Single, TVT Records, 1992)
David J – This Vicious Cabaret (V For Vendetta, Plain Records, 2006)
Jill Tracy – Torture (Sepiachord Companion, Devil’s Ruin Records, 2009)
Yard Dog Roadshow – Blockhead (Beats Antiques Mix) (Waltzes, Glitches & Brass, Indie)
Unextraordinary Gentlemen – Mr. Soot’s Black Book (5 Tales from God Only Knows,  Indie, 2008)
Abney Park – Airship Pirates (Lost Horizons, Abney Park, 2008)
Dresden Dolls – Pretty In Pink (No, Virginia, Roadrunner Records, 2008)
Iggy Pop & Debbie Harry – Well Did You Evah! (Single, Chrysalis)
Vagabond Opera – Russian Jazz Walts (The Zeitgeist Beckons, Vagabond Opera, 2009)
The Gypsy Nomads – Sombrero Cabaret (Happy Madness, E.A. Recordings, 2010)
Rachid Taha – Rock El Casbah (The Best Of…, Wrasse Records, 2008)
The Pogues – Turkish Song of the Damned (Rhino Hi-Five, Rhino, 2006)
David Shire – Night on Disco Mountain (Saturday Night Fever Sndtrk Rmastered, Reprise, 1996)
Beats Antiques – Sweet Demure (Collide, Copeland Intl Arts, 2008)
Max Raabe – Tainted Love (Super Hits 2, RCA Recordings, 2002)
Balkan Beat Box – 9/4 The Ladies (Balkan Beat Box, JDUB Records, 2005)
The Clash – Sound of the Sinners (Sandinista!, Epic, 2000)
The Raveonettes – Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed) (In & Out of Control, VICE Music, 2009)
Over The Rine – Don’t Wait for Tom (The Trumpet Child, Great Speckeld Dog Records, 2007)
Mad Tea Party – Like a Monkey Likes Coconuts (73% Post Consumer Novelty, Whose That Records, 2005)
Harlequin Jones – Gutter Tango (EP, Oms-B, 2006)
Nick Cave – Mack the Knife (Septemer Songs, Sony Classical 1997)
HUMANWINE – Rivolta Silenziosa (Fighting Naked, Nervous Relatives Records, 2008)
The Real Tuesday Weld – House of the Clerkenwell Kid (The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid, Six Degrees, 2007)
Vagabond Opera – The Transformation into Marlene (Vagabond Opera, Vagabond Opera Records, 2006)
Hellblinki Sextet – Gasoline Kerosene (Promo, 2009)
Tom Waits – Going out West (Bone Machine, Island, 1992)
Gaslight Fanny – Trouble & Strife (Waltez, Glitches & Brass, Indie)
Gene Wilder – Pure Imagination (Willy Wonka Soundtrack, Hip-O Recordings, 1996)
The Decemberists – Mariner’s Revenge Song (Picaresque, Kill Rock Stars, 2005)
Maga Bo – Siri Ya Pendu Langu (Tribal Beats Vol. 2, CIA, 2010)
They Might Be Giants – Istanbul (Flood, Rhino, 1990)
Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere (Best of…, Atlantic, 2004)
Steam Powered Giraffe – Brass Goggles (Album 1, Indie, 2009)
The Gypsy Nomads – Subterranean Girl (Eternal Summer, EA, 2008)
MC Elemental – Cup of Brown Joy (The Indifference Engine, Tea Sea Records, 2010)
Elvis Costello – Pills & Soap (Punch the Clock, Hip-O Records, 2007)
The Magnificent Seven – The Last Waltz (Sepiachord Passport, Projekt, 2010)
Gogol Bordello – Immigrant Punk (Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike, Side One Dummy, 2005)
Dr. Steel – Back & Forth (People of Earth, Reapandsow Inc, 2002)
Ben Charest – Bellvue Rendezvous
The Cog is Dead – Blood Sweat and Tears (Steam Powered Stories, Timeship Records)
The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Charley (Sepiachord Passport, Projekt, 2010)
Toy Box Trio – Clowns (Miniature Menagerie, Indie, 2010)
Black Bear Combo – Albionea (Game of Death, Indie, 2009)
Max Raabe – Oops, I Did It Again (Super Hits Vol 1, RCA, 2001)
Eliza Rickman – Cinnamon (Gild the Lily, Indie 2009)

Phew!  Quite a list, see something you like?  Look it up and support the artist.  Want to hear more? Well then good ladies & gents, you know where to find us!

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