New Raveonette’s “Heart of Stone” Music Video Shows Strong Steampunk Influence

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This one will be short and sweet.  My good friend Helena came whirling up to me the other day at Front 312’s “Ceremony” show at Liar’s Club and immediately said.

“Oh My God!  Did you see the Raveonette’s video I posted on your Facebook?”

Unfortunately, at the moment of our interaction, I had not.  Thus, I quickly corrected this upon rising this morning as I found the link, followed it andbeheld their newest, beautiful and, arguably, steam-powered music video.

The Raveonette’s – Heart of Stone

Granted, there are some strong (and I would say uncharacteristically) “ghothy/emo”-esque themes here, but I also hold to say, all in all, that I found the video a beautiful, entertaining and whimsical piece of work. Duly, I am a huge fan of The Raveonette’s stripped down fuzz-fueled anachronistic sound. So perhaps I am a bit biased.

Oh well,
-The Lord Baron

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  • 1 Elizabeth Darvill Mar 1, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    That is an AMAZING video!! The imagery is quite thought provoking and beautiful. I really like the song too! Thanks for sharing

  • 2 Lord Baron Vourteque Mar 2, 2010 at 8:40 am

    No problem! So glad you liked it!

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