Not a Review of Hellblinki’s “These Bubbles Come from Ants”

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In lieu of the review of Hellblinki’s “These Bubbles Come from Ants” that I was asked to write, it seemed worthwhile to discuss the bonds that exist within the steampunk community.

Back at June’s Polyphonic Panorama at Chicago’s Abbey Pub, we were graced by the presence of Hellblinki and the midway marvel Sanjula Vamana. In the dim light of the dance floor, he discreetly introduced his manhood (i.e. whipped out his pierced tallywhacker). He fastened it to a chair and spun about like a dervish. A veritable chair-nado of the crotch.

But this would not be quite so wond’rous if the very same Hellblinki did not have a song called “Sanjula’s Junk” on the album that appears on this very aether-page! It’s a bouncy little ditty with some old-timey, voh-de-oh-doh vocals.

The dance at the show was an example of mutual benefit. Artists supporting artists! The object of affection and tribute offered his own tribute to the merry-makers.

As a community, let us celebrate each other and our talents. Support independent artists like Hellblinki, Sanjula and the Chicagoans who made their dance possible.

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