October and November Filled with Events Galore

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What is it about the fall, the most steampunk of seasons?  Everything (at least north of the Mason Dixon border in the Continental US) is turning brown, it is getting colder so that Lords, Ladies and rabble alike can wear excessive amounts of clothes as they are wont to do and – most importantly – there is a whole bunch of events, cons and general Steampunkery-to-be-had going about!

October 9th – TinType Photoshoot – October 10th – Antiquing Excursion

On Saturday October 9th do meet us at Cloud Gate, AKA “The Bean” in Chicago’s Millennium Park for a photo session by the good Chris Olsen.   Be sure to be on-site by 11am and bring any and all accessories you would like for your picture/s (but be sure to know you are on public land and if someone thinks your “ray gun” is an actual ray gun, well, that is your problem – so do accessorize wisely.)

Mr. Olsen has been gracious enough to bestow ONE complimentary true tin-type upon EACH participant involved.  That means you can chose an individual shot, a group shot, a couples shot, but anything after that one needs to be paid for.  He will also not be taking money on-site as we have no vendor’s permits, so you will have to arrange further with him.

He is also willing to do an Amberotype, an image printed on glass, but for that you will need to supply your own glass.  It must be black or dark red glass (smooth, not the wavy stuff) which can be found at Hobby Lobby or at any stained glass supply dealer.   Make sure that it is cut to 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches (a tad smaller is better), washed in detergent and wrapped in paper before you bring it to the shoot.

After conversing with Chris further about the topic, he said that greens do not show up well in the emulsion, so avoid wearing any green on any outfit that you had planned on wearing.

Regardless, for those who were not with us for Paul Doyle’s photoshoot, it was loads of fun, do not miss out!

Then on Sunday the 10th you can join the lot of us for a trip out to Crown Point, Indiana for some real down home antiquing.  There is even a booth at the antique mall with rare and exotic taxidermy animals!  The selection is really amazing and the prices are not to be missed, especially those from the good Facist-Oligarchy-of-Illinois!

Nickel Children Trailer at Chicago Horror Festival, New Steampunk DJ Mix

KL Kenzie and I saw the full short of the trailer above at the Chicago Horror Film Festival back in September.  If you get a chance to see the full short I do suggest it, especially as it makes its rounds in the movie festival circuit this fall.

Nickel Children takes place in an alternative America (of days past) rife with your typical Steampunk images of blasters, goggles and airships.  With that I will say that for those who are whole-sale into the goggles, guns and zeppelins, this is the short for you.  But for those who aren’t, it is still quite the enjoyable little tale.  And though its limited production budget shows through, it is quite something to behold.

The end leaves one speculating there is more to come, and I’ve heard tell that it is slated to become a web series, so do check it out at their website.

So what IS Steampunk Music?

That’s a question that may never be answered (and here’s to hoping!)  But for now we at Steampunk Chicago of the DJ persuasion (namely myself and Mr. Auto-Technical) have put together a DJ mix for your listening and downloading pleasure.  It’s also a taste to come for what you can expect at our future events – though I wouldn’t  expect it to be ALL you will hear!

To listen or download the mix simply go to our SoundCloud account HERE!

Chicago Artist to be shown in New Zealand Steampunk Art Expo

This is exciting for local Chicago artists, both Steampunk and not.  A local artist out of Skokie, Anna Repp, has been accepted into an exhibition in New Zealand of all places entitled “Steampunk: Tomorrow as it Used to Be”.  More information can be found HERE on their website.  If you happen to be in New Zealand give it a look-see and let us know how it is! (They have some superbly impressive inventions on their site HERE as well.)

And Last (but not least) CARNIVALE DELIRIUM (and Theater of the Bizarre)

Then there is our CROWNING event of the month CARNIVALE DELIRIUM (or on Yelp: CARNIVALE DELIRIUM for those sans-Facebook).   We will be featuring a  variety of acts including The Squidling Brothers, Show Devils and Hayley Jane!  But that is just the tip of the iceberg – go!  Click that link up in the corner now and get your tickets early (for only $10!) Or if you’re the drinking sort $30 will get you an open bar for two hours and balcony seating!

But there will be more on that as we get closer to the event.

And the day after?  Let us say you have been enjoying are madness so much you want to go another 24 hours?  Then DO make your way to the Theatre Bizarre in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday, October 23rd.  Another show of steampunk & madness that is genuinely not to be missed.  Information can be found at their website HERE or their MySpace Page.  There will be rides, acts, insanity and general craziness.

Cons Cons and Cons?

There will be, of course, more to come on this as well, but, in case you did not know, we of the Royal Ladies’ & Gentle-mens’ Experimental Madness Society (aka Steampunk Chicago) are part of Tesla-Con!  And what a con it will be.  The first weekend in November promises to be a week of full immersion where one is a traveler on the airship “Explorer II”.  Of course, there is tell that a villain is trying to steal said ship – but don’t fret – that won’t have any affect on the weekend (or will it?)

And then there is the ever present Steam-Con!  This year’s theme is Weird Weird West and they promise a bevy of special guests, panels, performers and events!  Last year I had the time of my life, I am returning this year as a panelist and author and could not be more honored!  More information can be found at the official site, HERE.

And of course more information on Carnival Delirium, Theatre Bizarre, Tesla-Con AND Steam-Con II will all be coming in the next month.

With that – Happy Autumn my friends, it is, after all, the most steampunk season of the year!

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