PBS Covers Steampunk + Up-Coming Events!

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In this fine day and age it’s hard to know if PBS coverage of steampunk en generale means it’s moving toward the mainstream mainstream or just the mainstream for those who fancy themselves high-brow.  Such mental carousing aside, PBS has just done a short, fairly sweet, and mildly lovely little segment on it for their “Off-Book” series.  It features interviews with renown artist Dr Grymm, who talks about steampunk art and industrial design, as well as some interviews with composer David Bruce and some members from New York’s Third Rail Projects.

While Dr. Grymm is certainly cued into the movement, I can’t help feel that the composer was a bit of an off choice.   I appreciate his interpretation of the music and the utilization of overtly complicated brass and woodwinds due to their physical aesthetic is a neat choice.  Sonically, it did not sound particularly in-line with any number of bands that have found a niche with steampunk over-all, I loathe to judge as I hate to define, but to me it just did not click.  The theater troupe was interesting, though having been exposed to 4 to the power of 10 “steampunk” theatrical shows, I’ll admit I’m a bit jaded.  That said, I can’t deny their haunted house looks quite neat.

Do take a look and decide for yourself.  After it’s over, do stick around, the ending includes a cute and quip-y list of “7 things better steampunked”.  Entertaining indeed, although I couldn’t help feeling a bit pandered to.


That’s correct.  This Thursday the 1st of September, we will be disc jockeying for The Steampunk Victorian Ball in Milwaukee!  The show includes performances by The Absinthe Minded Professors and The Dead Man’s Carnival (who are also throwing the events) and guarantees to be loads of fun!  The show is 21+ and will take place at Hot Water Warehouse – 818 S. Water St.  It’s $13 at the door or you can buy your tickets in advance on Dead Man’s Carnival’s website.

Then on Saturday September 3rd we’ll be playing with steampunk-industrial band V is for Villians at The Metro!  The show should be a real blast, doors are at at 6 and the show is ALL AGES!  Tickets can be bought at Metro Chicago’s website, they’re $8 or $6 with the codeword “villains”.


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