Pictures That Speak Far Too Many Words

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By Keith Thompson

I am a massive fan of strange photography and visual art. This undeniably stems from the fact that I have absolutely no ability to draw nor photograph what-so-ever and thus, like a creepy red-haired sixteen year old stalker, I’m posting pictures of that which I most covet… The ability to make weird looking pictures.

The first are three are from someone I know nothing about except that he takes, quite possibly, some of the most beautifully disturbing photographs I have ever seen. His name is Joshua Hoffine and he considers himself a “horror photographer”, which won me at “Hell-O” gods I’m funny. You can see more of his work at his website.

(In case you notice a similarity with these pictures and the one at the bottom of the web-log, yes, it is his work. His fantastic work.)

I love this image on so many levels.

This image gives me chills. I believe this is rooted in my fairly common concern that arms will come out of the wall and strangle me.

The next three are from a webpage I have placed on the web-log roll to the side there. They are from Steampunk Wallpaper (.com), there are a number of funny, beautiful and odd images there. They are all formatted to be used as wallpaper, so if you happen to be looking for Steampunk themed wall paper for the personal computer or laptop computer of your choice, well, you might just find it there.
Contrary to recent geo-political rumors, I do have a sense of humor. The existence of such a thing as this, though, is no laughing matter.

I would love to walk into some dark, desolate office building and find every (undoubtedly joyous) secretary seated at a desk exactly like this.

During periods of my years in Greenpoint Brooklyn my colleagues and I would dream of sneaking into a series of massive semi-abandoned buildings just down the street from us. Unfortunately, they were always patrolled by security. We had a brilliant plan to by-pass said security station but then the buildings burned down. Regardless, I’d imagine the insides would have looked like this. Yeah, that would have been nice.

Well that is that. Hope you enjoyed them. If you have some fantastically strange, macabre, mechanical or all in all lovely pictures please, let me know!
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