Go Forth! Design a Raygun!

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If you are anything unlike me (though perhaps like the Rev. Cpt. Flint or the Lady KL) then you wake up on any given morning and think “I wish I had some motivation other than mad science and/or sheer boredom to create a ray gun.”

Well my good people, now you do!  The somewhat insane Dr. Grorbort, esteemed creator of such things as The Victorious Mongoose and Goliathon 800 ‘Moonhater’ bring you THE RAYGUN SHOOTOUT.  As you can plainly read above, prizes include a trip to New Zealand to meet the creators behind the Dr. Grorbort brand.

But, you say, I have no idea where to start?  Well the good doctor has even been so kind as to provide you with the 3d design program Blender utterly free of charge.

So what ARE you waiting for?  Another contest?  Actual money?  Your mind to ACTUALLY snap?  Seriously my good people, no more excuses.  Visit them at RayGunShootOut.com and enlist TODAY!

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