RL&GEMS visit Primitive Warehouse

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In mid-October Chicago’s Primitive, finely represented by Joseph Rudy, granted the RL&GEMS a private tour of it’s voluminous and odd Bridgeport warehouse space. A tremendous outing for our group, the assembled mostly lamented the recession in the wake of viewing such fineries as Primitive’s adventurers had scoured the Earth to put on offer.

RL&GEMS (semi-) assembled:

Our guide, Joseph, discussing Lingam stones:
This would prove to not be the biggest Lingam that the Lord Baron would see this evening . . .

Mr. Rudy discusses and demonstrates a Dogon ladder especially devised for Sirius B gazing:

Here are several other artifacts and objects of note:
Mr. Rudy, if he sees this post, is invited to further describe and expound upon the above listed objects in the comments. He was quite a mellifluous font of information in person, after all.

Photography by Wesley Groves and Natalie Roche.

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