Royal Ladies’ & Gentlemens’ Experimental Madness Society Semi-Private Soiree 2.0

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Yes!  It IS that time again, is it not?  Now you may be asking, “2.0 good Lord Baron?  But that neither makes contextual sense NOR is it antiquated.”  Yes, you’re correct, but that is beside the point.

As it is a NEW year (2010 in case you some-how did not know… ) I’m unofficially entitling all RL&GEMS Pivate, Semi-Private, Some-What-Semi-Private, Open-To-General-Public-Whom-We-Approve-Of and events to appease the masses the SECOND in our series (2.0 to use the ‘computer people’s’ terminology!)  What started last year as a small gathering of friends at the initial Chez Vourteque has grown (if you’ve seen the pictures) into GRAND GALA EVENTS!

Well, perhaps not GRAND GALA EVENTS – but fun ones with a good amount of wonderful people.

With that stated.  Save THIS date (if you wish to join us).

Tuesday January 26th, starting roughly around 9pm at a location that will be disclosed to those who contact myself or another member of the collective personally, we will be holding a lovely affair.  Wine, cheeses, more wine, some lovely dishes from the good Mr. Wes, more wine and of course, lovely outfits on lovely people.

The space is an extraordinary one that many other institutions rent out, we are fortunate enough that members of the collective can arrange such things without the need of monetary reply.  Hence why this is not public open invite.

Also – we are in the planning stages of a larger “open to the unwashed masses” event.

See you on the 26th!

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