Steampunk Christmas Party a Clockwork Dream

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With a mechanical arm, typewriter key beard, and fanciful monocle on a real wooden hat, Steampunk Santa greeted guests and provided cheer to hundreds at the year’s end Clockwork Christmas! Fancy dressed patrons, steampunk angels, and fortune tellers from miles around poured through the doors with much jollity and gaiety at Exit this December.

Patrons were treated to fanciful sights and sounds until 4 o’clock in the morning. Ammunition presented a hot and amazing fire breathing, angle grinding show, showering the audience with sparks and pleasure.

Ammunition aflame, courtesy W. Dezoma

If fire, noise and sparks failed to amuse, one could have one’s fortune read by the lovely Snow Queen. Fortune telling via Tarot rekindled our love with the victorian parlour.

The Enchanting Medium, the Snow Queen, courtesy Glitter Guts

Strange holiday music from The White City Rippers echoed in the chamber as the sounds of Theremin and Concertina filled the air.

The White City Rippers, courtesy Glitter Guts

Many thanks to KL Kenzie for her fabulous collection of booked acts and the rest of the RLGEMS for their unbridled steampunkery patriotism!

The RLGEMS, courtesy Glitter Guts

For more photos of the lively steampunk crowd, please visit Glitter Guts!

A happy, steamy new year to all! Stay tuned to, as we have more events in the works, such as an outing to the Field Museum in January, and a massive gathering of eccentric talent in February!


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