Steampunk Fashion In Chicago

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Well perhaps the title is a bit much, but there are some awesome things I should fill the four subscribers of this web-log in on.

First off, my friend Crystal has taken upon herself to design and produce head wear that is reminiscent of the 1920’s flapper look. She has a couple up on her Myspace right now and they look rather neat. If you’re interested I know she does custom work, you can get her at Myspace/FossilsofCrystal, the two she has shots are just below!

Second, Bonnie & Clyde’s is one of my favorite small/boutique shops in Chicago, for a number of reasons. 1 – they have awesome clothing, 2 – they do awesome fashion shows, 3 – they have awesome decor inside. If you’re in Chicago and get the chance, go in and just look at the furniture if anything. Steve, one of the owners, and I have talked at length about antiques and the like and the guy has some AMAZING gems. Definitely check them out HERE. And yes, they do have some very “steampunk” boutique clothing.

I went there today and bought some awesome pants that I’m wearing to Rodan tonight.

Lastly, and thank you to Brass Goggles for this one, we have Steampunk TARDIS Console. I’m be perfectly frank and admit ignorance to TARDIS-esq things, though I’m sure some of you know what they are and will appreciate it. Regardless the thing is quite, how you might say, “bitchin'”.

The posting can be found HERE, they SAY there is more info on it via another hyperlink but the link didn’t work at press time, so, I guess we shall see!

With that I’m out, hopefully to get about 90% finished on our EMF reader for the Madness Society. But alas, until it’s finished, it’s, well… not finished.

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  • 1 MrAutotechnical Feb 4, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    dr. whoooo–oooo hey! dr. who.

  • 2 Margatron Feb 6, 2009 at 12:03 am

    Does your friend ever think about marketing those hair pieces internationally? They’d be a big hit in Tokyo, for sure…

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