Steampunks well aware of IBM predicted trend

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So the eggheads at International Business Machines have spun the cogs of their infernal contabulation machine, and declared that steampunk is an up and coming trend, and will reach new heights this year.

Well, yes. Of course.

Analysts have gone over rending data and noticed an increase in the term ‘steampunk’ as well as its associations to clothing, film, television, music, and culture. Last year found Prada ahead of the trend with their line of fabulous steampunk influenced couture for men. Direct from the printout of ENIAC:

· 33 percent of online fashion chatter around steampunk can be found on gaming sites
· 2010 saw a year on year increase in chatter of 296 percent. This increase can be attributed to steampunk-inspired NYC ComicCon events in October of 2010
· Twitter is the #1 social network for steampunk chatter; hosts six times the number of discussions as Facebook
· 63 percent of fashion discussions around steampunk are initiated by individuals less than 30 years old
· 55 percent of social sentiment chatter for steampunk fashion derived by blogs


What will this mean for those early adopters of steampunk? We will certainly see more styles, interpretations, and ideas come to fruition. The flip side is that we will also see more mass-produced and inexpensive fashion and gadgets surface. Mass production does go against the grain of DIY that is so inherent in steampunk, however it does open up new avenues to those curious of steampunk and without the budget or time necessary to look the part.

We’re looking at a surge in public interest, but it doesn’t have to mean anything will be watered down. In fact, we may be looking at an overwhelming amount of new ideas, styles, and interpretation coming our way.

2013 may be the year of steampunk indeed! Those of us who’ve been around a century before the highlight will hold fast to our roots, but must be open minded and accepting of change and new ideas! Just imagine the new vests and corset line at Target! Steampunk super soakers that come pre-painted! Laptops with wood-grain laminate! Coal fired super-hybrid Chevys! Dual-monocles!

IBM Social Sentiment Index – IBM

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Turn up the heat on the boilers, this year will be exciting indeed!

IBM Social Sentiment Index Birth of a Trend: Steampunk

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