TeslaCon – A Fantastic Immersive Event from Walls to Weapons!

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So Tesla-Con I has come and gone and all in all, the people really enjoyed it!  From panels on character development, taxidermy, tiny top hats and (of course) airships to the delightful tea room (and its lovely view) to the wonderful special guests to various investors, luminaries and members of the ship’s crew (RIP – Henri Grebelle, Lady Grebelle, MacMurry and The Duke of Buckingham) falling dead – it really was quite a weekend.

TeslaCon was represented by several outstanding groups, people, and event planners. The Airship Archon, the Imperial Anti-Piracy Squadron, Cherie Priest, Mark Donnelly! Truly, friendly faces, fantastic dress and creative weaponry and gadgets were at every corner.

The opening ceremonies began the murder mystery right away, with a character dropping dead from a poisoned drink — and continued through the night with a poison gas bomb in the engine room. Throughout the three days,  the actors remained in elaborate character —  sometimes even two or three — and encouraged the other guests to dig deep for clues and come rushing to every scene. A dark and somber eulogy (which apparently the dead speak at) was even delivered for one of the killed crew members. An old-timey seance delivered even more clues, and some real intrigue. The mystery concluded at a Steampunk Gun Show, as bait to draw out the real killer! People were excited and engaged throughout the convention.

From visuals to audio, no expense was spared in outfitting the airship, er, dresing the hotel. Room placards were printed, period dress restroom signs were hung, and dozens of signs, posters, and art adorned all the hallways.

These were posted throughout the CON - photo by JM Coen

Con-goers were greeted by in character porters and ticket takers while music and ambiance (and the drone of engines) played continually in the background. In the well-staffed (and oh-so-polite) tea room, a window to the clouds presented a majestic view of our flight. Next door, hand selected vendors presented their wares at the ship’s store.  An antique shop even graced the lobby of the airship!

Thanks to Daria Melnikova for the TeslaCon compilation video.

Here are some photos from a variety of people who attended the con.  Next year promises even more elaborate decor and production – we can’t wait (of course we can’t, we’re part of the team) – but we do have a suggestion for next year.

Don’t drink the water (bring your own).

Granted, not a great picture, but this was KL and mine luggage for the weekend.

Opening Ceremonies - And the "take off" of the Explorer II with Captain Dunbar talking all the luminaries and investors ready - photo by JM Coen

And the first murder occurrs! Meanwhile Bobbins reads a note from Lord Proctocus! (As you can see it was all quite theatrical) - Photo by JM Coen

Emporer Justininian talks about the Red Fork Empire - photo by JM Coen

Author Cherie Priest talks at her panel - photo by JM Coen

Captain Anthony LaGrange of the Airship Archon! - Photo by JM Coen

Vourteque, KL and Concordia talk with the Captain after the tragic death of Lady Grebelle - photo by Dave Kaemmerer

KL Kenzie talks during her Taxidermy panel - photo - by JM Coen

Both outfits and costumes were outstanding - photo by JM Coen

A Steampunk Dalek (we were told it was powered by a 9 year old child) - photo by JM Coen

A fight breaks out between the RL&GEMS and the IAPS! - Photo by Jena Watson

The Infamous POKER GAME where McMurry died - photo by Lisa Dousharm

Von Grelle and one of her infamous IAPS members (played by GD Falksen) - photo by Lisa Dousharm

The Lovely Dezomas descending the stairs to the ball - photo by Lisa Dousharm

The Duke and Duchess as the ball... just before tragedy strikes AGAIN - photo by Lisa Dousharm

But fear not - in the end all was well - and the RL&GEMS pose for another great picture

Now to get ready for Tesla-Con II!

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