TeslaCon: American Millionaire Murdered!

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American Millionaire Murdered!

AMERICAN INDUSTRIALIST Horace Arthur Mac Murray died this evening under very mysterious circumstances. While dealing a high-stakes game of poker with Lord Buckingham, Lord Baron Vorteque and noted engineer and systems designer Mortimer Wallace Friday Esq, Mac Murray appeared to become ill and soon collapsed over the table. Sources report that the newly opened deck of cards evinced a strange chemical smell, but none of the other players were affected. No information is available as to who won that hand.

RLGEMS Suspected of Theft!

TENSIONS ROSE on deck 4 today as a valuable item was stolen from the luggage brought
aboard by the diplomatic delegations from the Imperial Anti-Piracy Squadron. Suspicion fell immediately on the men and women of the Royal Ladies and Gentlemen’s experimental Madness Society. The item was later recovered from the RLGEMS luggage, with a note claiming to be from Dr. Proctocus, although it seems unlikely. Tensions among the international groups aboard ship are certainly high enough that any external meddling seems unnecessary.

Just What is the RLGEMS?

The RLGEMS: Lord Baron Vourteque, The Lady K L Kenzie, Lady Concordia, Rev. Cpt. Flint.

THE ROYAL LADIES’ &Gentle-mens’ Experimental Madness Society is a Chicago collective of  occultists, collectors, artists, esoteric learned persons and the strange. Their core goals are the defamation of non-dichotomous information, the exposition of para-normal events, the embracing of non-Euclidean geometry and the freedom of nationals and ex-patriots to go about the world doing as they will.

Led by the mysterious Lord Baron Vourteque and The Rev. Capt. Samuel Flint, they are proud to be a core financial and scientific sponsor of new technologies.

The RL&GEMS are glad to bring their own anti-aristocratic-humanist-anarchist or stringently-
traditionalist-para-occultist spirit on board for her maiden voyage. On occasion, the RL&GEMS have hosted the most lavish balls and exclusive soirees known to the Midwest Region of the United States of America.

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