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Interview With The Captain

Did you ever consider giving in to Dr. Proctocus’ Demands?

Absolutely not. His agent’s first act would be to eliminate anyone capable of posing a threat or
resisting once we’ve been disembarked. The rest of the passengers would, if the reports coming out of France can be believed, be treated like rather disposable cattle. I shan’t stand for it.

I understand that you served with Lord Bobbins’ brother, who died under rather mysterious circumstances. Can you comment on this?

I did train and serve in the same Royal Navy Airship Squadron as the late Preston Bobbins. We
both served on those early, fragile balloon-ships and rose to our own commands. He was an excellent airship commander and a gentleman of great personal honor. I was proud to call him friend, and that is all I have to say upon the matter.

So would it be fair to say that Bobbins opposed your appointment to this vessel?

I’m not sure I know what you mean. Several the more senior squadron commanders were detached from service at the request of Lord Bobbins to direct the formation of Royal Britannia’s fleet operations two years ago. Preston actually suggested we draw cards for the job. If we had, well…I don’t know.

How do you feel about the IAPS presence on board, considering the change in our situation?

You refer to the more active role of the diplomatic mission. Kapitan von Grelle’s record is formidable. I do wonder at Dr. Proctocus choosing to tangle with the most publicly feared pirate hunters of our age. I rely upon their professionalism and dedication to upholding International Law and ensuring the safety of our passengers. It is my legal responsibility as Captain to provide their investigation with every reasonable assistance under these conditions.

And how would you address those who claim you were not on the best of terms with Seigneur Grebelle and his daughter?

It’s no secret that I testified before the Ministry in favor of selecting Royal Navy Air Arm Reservists exclusively to form the officer corps of the Royal Britannia Line. Henri Grebelle was a brilliant aeronautical engineer, but a ground officer rather than an experienced air crewman. I’ve met few ladies as charming or intelligent as Mlle Sophie was. Her murder and that of her father were savage, cruel and unforgivable crimes. I had no personal grudge against either of them, they were my crew. But I must express the belief that they did not belong in the path of Proctocus’ vile ambitions, and were unprepared to face the crisis we have been put to.

Funeral For A Lady

FUNERAL SERVICES for Mlle Sophie Grebelle, Acting Chief Engineer of the RMAS Explorer II, who died bravely in an attempt to save the ship from an explosive device planted by agents of Dr. Proctocus, were held at 10:00 AM ship’s time. A general air of sorrow pervaded the room,

with relief verging on hysteria quite palpable. A Mrs. B from Lancastershire even claims to have heard the spirit of the dead woman speak Words of Warning From Beyond The Grave. The lady in question have never shown any evidence of spiritualism – being a devout Episcopalian – but she is adamant that she heard a mysterious voice speaking of her murderer.

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