TeslaCon: Proctocus Attacks! Murder Aboard!

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Proctocus Attacks!

All London is aflame after the savage attack today by the Explorer I under
the control of Dr. Emanuel Proctocus. Reports are sketchy but it seems that
the primary damage lies within the City itself. It is presumed that as much
of the government that has survived is gathering at Sandringham House to
take stock of the situation.

The Royal Family are reported safe and well, and Her Majesty has
issued a statement requesting all her subjects to Remain Calm and Carry On.


The pomp of the Opening Ceremonies was marred by the sudden and mysterious death of Executive Office Grebelle shortly after the successful speed test of the ship’s engines. Seigneur Henri Anton Grebelle was on
loan to Royal Britannia Air Navigation from the Armee delair where his work on the pioneering airship La France first gained him international attention. He is survived by his eldest daughter Mlle. Sophie Abigail Grebelle Ship’s Officer who has been promoted to Acting Chief Engineer for the remainder of the voyage.

But it appears that this worthy may have been hiding something from the Air Ministry. A slip of paper with a mysterious poem written on it was found clutched in his hand when he fell. (The full text of this letter appears on page 2
of this issue). The note purported to be a message from Dr. Emanuel Proctocus who demanded surrender of the Explorer II to his forces outside of Paris, with cryptic threats of further deaths to come unless his demands are
met. Captain Willard-Dunbar has stressed that he will never surrender his ship without direct orders. The Duke of Buckingham, Minister for Aeronautical Affairs , has stressed the need to await word from the Government before taking any action.

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