The Clockwork Cabaret Proves That I’ve Listened to Steampunk Music All Along

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This is something I should have posted quite a bit ago.

When I am doing aether-devise modifications, or concocting culinary inventions or just want some degree of background noise that is a good 30/70 split between some-what witty banter and irrevocably original music I turn on The Clockwork Cabaret, hosted by the charming, if not somewhat uber-geeky Davenport Sisters.

Clockwork Cabaret: Listen I say, LISTEN!

Beside the very fact that the title of their podcast has the words “Clock” and “Work” in it, it also frequently features the likes of Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Adam And and The Squirrel Nut Zippers.  All of which are acts that I personally hold in very high regard.  This is alongside a whole host of eclectic experimental, industrial, neo-vaudville and pretty much anything else they seemingly can find from only the gods know where-music.

I’m attaching two particular exciting songs I learned of from the podcast and have, basically, found nowhere else.

Deathwatch Beetle Repairman – The Carny of Mr. Darke

The Beat Circus – Coney Island Creep Show

I especially appreciate their wide breadth of musical taste, as I feel it shows just how undefinable “Steampunk” music is, and should continue to be, as I think most of us don’t quite see it as a genre of music, but an artist and aesthetic movement that allows or a general strange, DIY and neo-retro approach to life en generale.

Pardon my whimsy.

And good thanks to Emmett & Claude Davenport, and the indelible Phineas P. Moneyload as well.

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