The Compass Points to M : A (slightly) New Direction

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Though the Compass Points to M will certainly still be a venue for the sharing of ideas and discoveries. This Compass’s main focus will now be to chronicle the explorations, creations and mis-adventures of the Royal Ladies’ & Gentlemans’ Experimental Madness Society.

(Hopefully) within the next few days I shall be able to publish the prints of the Technical Readout Plates for the first generation Spektral Hunting Kit built, compiled and crafted by myself, The Lord Baron, alongside The Good Reverend David, Mr. Auto-Technical and Le Sprite.

Now, you may be asking, what have you all been doing in these last few months?

First off we’ve had two very successful soirees, the likes of which many enlightened and highly entertaining individuals attended. At the first one we tried out an old absinthe recipe dug up from one of my great relatives of yore, it was a hit. We also drank and supped on flower teas and dried bamboo worms.

Our second soiree, at Primitive Gallery here in Chicago, was a massive success and followed much in the vein of the first one, though a bit more ornate.

We’re presently in talks with a venue for our first ghost hunt. I will not at this time disclose where or what it is but I will post a few photographs of it here.

Compare this one to the one below. I do not have the slightest clue what the white dot could be, very strange indeed.

Needless to say I do hope it works out as we’re very excited with said prospect.

And with that, I do disengage.

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  • 1 Le Sprite May 12, 2009 at 12:49 am


    The last photo is the best. Is this set in stone?

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