The Fusion-O-Scope Version 2 to Premiere at Ohayocon

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Back in August we introduced you to our first version of Professor Evad & The Lord Baron Vourteque’s Amazing Aural Amplification and Fusion-O-Scope Machine just in time to premiere it for our Gypsy Nomad’s show.

As with all inventions, there were a few notable bugs during that show – the most glaring being the over-heating of our transformer that is housed on the left side of the machine.  We fixed this at the show with a small fan, but decided we had to take it back into the shop and do some re-working.

Through Evad’s esteemed knowledge of everything (truth be told, while I did most of the aesthetic design, it was Evad who did 99% of the engineering), we salvaged a fan from the same heater we got the housing from, then added a drum switch (essentially a two way knife switch, as can be seen above the housing) and re-worked the wiring.  This gave us both a significantly better looking and more aesthetically pleasing on/off switch as well as a really elegant looking fan on the side, it also gives the rig a much more dramatic “start up” – were as the DJ can wait until everyone is watching, turn the crank and the entire rig starts up with a “whirrrrr”.

Our other main problem was with the monitoring system. We used a small electronic monitor that is housed underneath the gramaphone horn, and while the little guy packs a real punch, it would often run out of juice halfway through our events.  Though this wasn’t a huge problem as the system itself can be plugged into larger systems via our XLR outs, it was an inconvenience to the DJ (who would be without a monitor) and detracted from the performance aspect of the machine – as audience members very much enjoyed hearing sound come from the horn itself.

We fixed this by installing an additional plug box, which can be seen sticking out the back.  We re-routed the power supply through the plug box first and then into the on/off switch.  Next, we internally ran a power cord from the speaker into the box (the plugs are on the inside).  This also gave us a power supply for the light, which is essentially gas-pipe and a simple pull-chain lamp socket.  We chose not to route the box through the on/off switch so that as long as the machine is plugged into a power source, the monitor charges and the light works regardless if the DJ rig itself is on.   This also allows the DJ to open the central panel and make use the light to make switch modifications on the back of the rig while keeping the machine off.

Finally we also added doors to the CD trays themselves, something that had been missing and was really really bugging Evad.  We also switched out the old plastic cord for a cloth covered cord and a big metal plug!

Technical jargon aside – Fusion-O-Scope 2.0 will be premiering at Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio TOMORROW (Friday Jan 28th).  If you would like to know more and are in the Columbus area, Evad and myself will be hosting a panel at 9pm this Friday in the Hayes Room where audience members can see the rig up close and ask questions about it.  I will also be performing with the rig at the Clockwork Crescendo and Steampunk Dance on Friday Night and the Lolita Crush on Saturday afternoon.

The rig will also be used at The Gaslight Sessions at The Charleston in Chicago on Tuesday Feb 1nd, at Stitches with the Airship O’Reilly at Clark Bar in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois on Thursday Feb 3rd and at the Fraudeville show in Detroit on  Saturday Feb 5th at the Eagle Theatre!

And OF COURSE it will be on stage as our main rig for our BIG event in February – The Gearbox Fantastique!  But more to come on THAT soon!

Some additional “glamor” shots of the machine are below – ENJOY!

-The Lord Baron

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  • 1 N' Spector Phillips Jan 31, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    Bravo Vourteque and Evad! A stupendous invention indeed!

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