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Thank you to Sepiachord on the Brass Goggles forum, the PhonoVault is now open.

The website specializes in music of the dark and strange including such things as “Death Country”, “Dark Cabaret”, “Gothic Americana” and, of course, Psychobilly (and Steampunk too… forget not Steampunk). It doesn’t have much of a digital library yet, most of it’s offerings are still on CD, but that doesn’t stop the place from being a one-stop for a wide array of strange aural beauty.

I also couldn’t find any digital listening stations to get a snippit of artists I haven’t heard of before. But regardless, I’d imagine these are things that are in the works and thus, I would suggest checking back regularly. On top of that, I would also suggest getting on their newsletter – they send you a new track every week.

This week was Charlie Kahn, and let me tell you, if this is the weekly fare, I’m in! I’d post the song here but you can just go to the site, sign up, and get it yourself in your e-mail (it came immediately).

-The Lord Baron

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