The Tie Bar Takes Care of All Your Ascot Needs

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steampunk tie steampunk ascot

A while back, the Lord Baron and I were traveling along the highway known as the I-80 toward the municipality of Naperville when we stumbled upon an unsuspecting supplier of hand-woven mens good.  The Tie Bar is an online retail shop which specializes in men’s accessories.  From classic ties, to skinny ties, to cufflinks, this store has quite a bit to choose from.

For the more distinguished gentleman, however, they carry a wide variety of extremely affordable cravats and ascots all made in the United States of America.  To examine their wares, feel free to visit, specifically in their ascot section.

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  • 1 Lord Baron Vourteque Feb 21, 2010 at 10:06 am

    I do say… I need to return and get some more pocket squares!

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