This Weekend is Steam-Con II: Also first Party of Champaign’s Airship O’Reilly!

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Is it that time again already?  I feel as though I left Steam-Con I just yesterday, with its large music shows and tea-time and crazy people thinking they are vampires at 3am on a Saturday.  But truly, that’s without regard as this time I – The Lord Baron – return to Steam-Con not just as a guest, but as a panelist!

This Steam-Con has decided to go “Weird Weird West”, an interesting choice and an interesting turn as Steam-Con has been arguably the most traditional of the steampunk cons I have been to. It will be interesting to see what kind of themes they drum up each year going forward with such momentum.

That aside though, conventions mean things such as special guests, and their guests are no strangers to the Steampunk community.  Their literary guest being James Blaylock (whom I had the pleasure to co-panel with at last years Windy-Con here in Chicago) and their artist guest being none other than Jake Von Slatt of The Steampunk Workshop.

Music-wise (and we do admit, we are very music oriented here at Steampunk Chicago), the weekend features Sepiachord‘s “Mr. Bodewell’s Cabaret” with live acts and music from a wide array of steampunk musicians including many artists we have mentioned ourselves here such The Gypsy Nomads, Eliza Rickman and Curtis Eller.  Then there is the “Outlaw Night Concert” with a return performance from Abney Park as well as other performances by Texas hellbilly band Ghoultown and Chicago turned Seattle group Bakelite 78.

Definitely looking forward to this.

Other events at the con include the “Airship Awards” banquet, “Wild Lily’s Saturday and Sunday Tea and Fashion show.” Not only that but I, the Lord Baron himself, will be a PANELIST!  That’s right, you get to be subjected to my unfettered, and arguably, un-expert opinion on such things as quantum mechanics (“What We Don’t Understand about Physics” – Saturday, noon, Orcas A&B at the Hilton), event production (“Steampunk Events”, Friday, 3pm, Emerald B, Hilton), Ghost Hunting (“Steampunk Ghost Hunting”, Saturday, 6pm, Crystal A, Hilton), MORE Ghost Hunting (“RL&GEMS pres. The Steampunk Ghost Hunting Kit”, Saturday, 11am, Seattle, Marriot).

AND you even get to hear me read selections from my novel “The Mechanist”, that is Sunday at 10am at the Suite by the Pool at the Marriott.

Steam-Con II is THIS weekend at the Sea-Tac Marriott and Hilton hotels in Seattle Washington.  For more information check it out at SteamCon.Org!

She Best Not...

But, Lord Baron, What If I Cannot Make it to Seattle?

Then join the Airship O’Reilly for their very first event!

This Champaign, Illinois based steampunk group has come together to put on an event that hopes to give central Illinois something to talk about.

The event features Chicago DJ JanderVK and DJ duo Provoctiv Reality playing beats and sounds to keep you in the “steampunk mood”.  There will also be waltzing lessons by O’Reilly’s Captain and a “Steampunk 101” class by none-other than our good friends at Highwind Steamworks.

It’s highly suggested you dress in your finest for this event – though everyone is invited (even street urchins and engine boys).

The event starts at 6pm and goes until 2am.  Entry is free, and it’s 19+ to get in.

So do go out and support our local and national scene!


-The Lord Baron

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  • 1 Ada Elizabeth Nov 22, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    Hey, I designed that poster for the Champaign event! :)

    It really was quite a lovely time, with many more steampunk folks than I thought we had here in Champaign-Urbana! (And if many of those folks were travelers, THANK YOU for coming out!) I daresay a fantastic time was had by all, and I do believe more steamy events will be planned for the future.

    Thanks for helping spread the word!

  • 2 JanderVK Nov 23, 2010 at 7:59 am

    Thanks for posting this! :) We had a fantastic turnout!! Thanks to everyone that made it out!!

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