Upcoming Midwestern Steampunkery!

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My, My, look at All the Steampunkery!

Yes!  It does look as though things are taking off in the Midwest!  Why with the soon to be coming SECOND edition of Clockwork Vaudeville, a Steampunk book spread at Quimby’s, and the World Steam Expo – just to name a few – things are  really getting off to a rollicking start!

On top of that, this past weekend we had the Steamposium in St. Louis, Steam Century’s event at Midway Village and a lovely tea and salon at the good abode of the Dezomas!  I was fortunately to make the latter two, but who cares to read my meanderings.  Let us dive right in!

April 17th – Clockwork Vaudeville

Our first was a HUGE success – if you did not see the Timeout photo spread – do click and see it now.  This time around we feature the White City Rippers along with Feral Minette and guest DJ W. Groves!  As with last time it is free to get in, goes until late and features $3 gin and rum so you lesser ones can still get your “groove” on with the help of such.

This time around we are also featuring a $150 gift certificate to Anastasia Chatzka or $20 to Odd Obsession Movies!

To view the full invite simply go HERE for Facebook users or HERE on Yelp for everyone else!

Speaking of Odd Obsession, have you ever wanted to wrap your eyes around a “Steampunk” movie but did not know where to look?  Well for the next week, Odd Obsession, in conjunction with us at SteampunkChicago.com, will have a “Steampunk Movie Shelf” show-casing some of the best movies that have been influenced by or influenced the Steampunk movement!

Pray Tell Good Baron, What WERE You Up To This Weekend?

photos by Gunnar Soderlind

I am glad you hypothetically asked!  First and foremost I attended Steam Century’s “Divided We Fall or The Virtues of Planned Obsolescence in Biomechanical Automata”.  Long names aside, it was a most exciting and well done event.  Upon arrival in Midway Village (expecting, of course, simply a lovely concert and some fine conversation) all the lights went out.  The town was set into a panic and we were ushered into the church.

It was a very intense situation.

There things began to look grim.  As it turned out other small towns had seemed to suffer from similar situations as of late; except in the morning the inhabitants of said towns were found dead… thus it was up to all of us to get the generator back online or… well, I would rather not think of what might have happened.

Many strange puzzles involving artifacts, killer automatons and the dead seemingly risen from the grave later – the mystery had been solved and we were saved!  We were then treated to a rousing performance by one Mr. Eli August which was subsequently interrupted by a Zeppelin’s landing, a security force storming the church where we had gathered and taking the captured zombie away.  To truly understand you simply have to go to the next one.  It’s in July.  For more information visit the Steam Century aether-web site (to your right there) or Midway Village.

Yes, looking for zombies in barns was part of it.

The next day I was honored to attend (though rather late for the tea unfortunately) the lovely abode of the Dr. and Dr. Dezoma in the hamlet of Homewood, IL.  There amongst the esteemed guests, we had wine and port, spoke of many lovely things and had a thoroughly enjoyable time.  I had missed instructional lectures on how to etch and work metal with simple things found in your kitchen, though I was assured the next tea would have a similar speaker.  I will certainly be attending the next one!

All in all it was QUITE a weekend I must say!

And I got to shoot guns.

Lastly!  Are you tired of going to Steampunk Chicago.com EVERY day only to find that it’s STILL Steampunk Chicago.com?  Well then you should check out STEAMED, especially as they have been doing “Steamapalooza” for the last week and there is a plethora of fantastic articles – including one about a certain collective of people by a certain good friend of ours (P.S. it’s HERE – thank you kindly Ms. Darville!)

Do go and check it out.  We would be honored if you did so!

Other Up-Coming Such As and So Forth-ness!

You did read the above correctly!  On Monday April 19th Lifeline Theatre is holding a benefit event where you, intrepid reader, can immerse yourself in the Floating Market of Neil Gaimen’s seminal work “Neverwhere”.  The benefit promises to have performances, vendors and event a body guard contest.  What is more?  The lovely Lisa Marie Ogle will be photographing the event and a number of other Steampunk Chicago members will be PLAYERS!  Yes, it promises to be a delightful time!  Simply visit The Lifeline Theatre’s aether-web page for more information!

On top of that, we are already looking into some extraordinary acts for our May and June Clockwork Vaudeville’s — they will only be getting bigger.  On top of that, a few members of the RL&GEMS are to be panelists at World Steam Expo in May.  And keep an eye on Quimby’s Books in Wicker Park.  It looks like we may be working with them to do a Steampunk literature spread for a month!

That should wrap it up for now!


The Lord Baron

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