Van Gogh’s Bedrooms

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Vincent Van Gogh painted three versions of Bedroom in Arles. The Art Institute of Chicago shows all three for the first time in North America. The exhibit runs February 14 – May 10, 2016.

Inspired by a malady that left him in bed for days, Vincent painted his bedroom as a source of dreams and rest. He simplified to colors. In a letter to his art dealer brother Theo Van Gogh, Vincent explained, “I have depicted no type of shade or shadow; I have only applied simple plain colors, like those in crêpes.” Version one was painted in October 1888.

Version two was a September 1889 repetition in the same scale. The first one had been damaged in a flood of the Rhône.

Version three was part of a series of réductions. In the summer of 1889, Vincent painted a series of smaller copies of his best work.

The Art Institute compliments these with over thirty other paintings to examine Van Gogh’s meditation on home.

Van Gogh Air

Supplementing the exhibit is the chance to stay at an Airbnb apartment decorated as the Bedroom in Arles.

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