Villains Thwarted!

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Nick Santiago of V Is for Villains announced that they had to cancel their March 1 show at The Cubby Bear and their April 6 show at The Hard Rock Café. There was an accident in Peoria that has affected their immediate plans.

What happened in Peoria?

We were playing a show in Peoria and unfortunately due to a faulty stage provided to us, I ended up snapping me knee. It was quite the ordeal with paramedics and a lot of craziness.

What are you doing to heal?

I am currently being treated by medical professionals. I am hoping to have a quick recovery.

Your brother will be taking up the Mr. Agitator mantle. What will become of his alter-ego?

At the moment, we both agree that Fallon Flynn is an important alter ego, but that Mr. Agitator is a pivotal piece in the shows design. For now Jonathon will put the mask of Flynn down and don the Agitator Hat. We expect Fallon Flynn will return with the original Mr. Agitator soon.

How will you continue to participate in V Is for Villains?

I am planning on participating as much as I possible can. That may mean song writing and behind the scenes work for a while.

Any advice for what young villains should do when their evil world-dominating plans are thwarted?

NO ONE can thwart your own plans but you. Always find a way to adapt to a less than perfect situation. That is working in music. Evolve Or Die.

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