Vintage Clothing, Militaria, Devices and Gadgets for the Historical Steampunk

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WWII Goggles

Steampunk fashion and culture can be DIY, modded, recreated, adapted, changed or created from the ground up. As a fashion and device aesthetic, it can come from or be any time period. Military clothing, badges, devices and gadgets are perfect for collecting or showing off. It’s even better when they’re actual historical pieces.

World War Wonders is an online dealer of authentic WWI, WWII and other war memorabilia, uniforms, boots, maps, optics and more.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that complete an outfit or a shelf on your Wunderkammer. Timeless pieces such as leather boots, pouches and gloves can be worn to add to your required 17 pieces of steampunk flair. Some highlights from the antiques available include WWI boots, WWII gas masks, dinner jackets and the ubiquitous goggles.

Of course, goggles aren’t a necessity for every steampunker, so you can consider them “sunglasses” if you wish.

dinner jacket

A Dinner Jacket, perfect for fine dining aboard your airship. When in doubt about what to wear to dinner, funerals, raids or drunken soirees, always look your best. Epaulettes and brass buttons are a must have.

steampunk boots

A fine pair of boots from the Great War. More boots in our steampunk store! Tall boots work well on safari, protect from the elements and make you look better than the common mortal. High grass, snakes and loose boards on your airship require adequate footwear.

old timey goggles

Goggles or sunglasses because your retro future is so bright. Goggles can also be found in the Steampunk Chicago Shop. Protect your peripherary!

old gas mask

An Old-Timey gas mask because your airship smells and you need vintage punk, not modern. You may need this to save you from the possible smells of mounted dinosaur skulls.

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  • 1 Lord Baron Vourteque Feb 3, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    I love that dinner jacket… for my lady that is… yes… for my lady.

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