Ways to Add Steampunk Styling to Your Bedroom

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Today’s post is from guest writer Scott Grayson.

Steampunk is a great fashion style that’s sometimes described as “neo-historian.” However, there are different subgenres within steampunks, in general it might be viewed as an artistic and aesthetic movement that takes insight from the 1700s through the Victorian period all the way up to the 1930s — similar to the pre-Raphaelite reform-movement. So a bedroom decorated in steampunk fashion emphasizes theses aspects — along with Victorian styling, pretty airship paintings and the use of brass and wood accents. Below are some tips to get you started.


Capture the spirit of futuristic retro through your lighting — often, one of the most overlooked elements in a room. Screw in restoration bulbs that channel Thomas Edison and uncover your ceiling mounts. Add vacuum-tubed light bulbs with exposed copper piping to your wall sconces. Place a hammered-metal lamp with a flywheel base on your bedside table. Another option is to use gas-style, industrial-light fixtures. These fixtures are fully electric, but still maintain style that’s perfect for clockpunk or steampunk fashion.

The Bed

To make the most steampunk room possible, you’ll need to outfit that very large object in your room — the bed — with proper drapery. This is where you can mix textures to bring Victorian styling into your place of slumber. Contrast shiny satin with soft lace and heavy velvet on your comforter.

Extra tip: Avoid bright colors and geometric designs. Think “Interview With a Vampire” or something similar. A chunky bed frame, whether brass, sleigh or a tall, four-poster iron bed are much appreciated.

The Walls

Dark colors like black, indigo, blood red and deep-dark purple should surround you in your steampunk bedroom. While you don’t want to enclose your room with one color, try an accent wall and throw rug with jewel tones. House Beautiful editor Newell Turner recommended black trim and doors with off-white walls. But don’t let it get too scary or it could become awkward and, even, make you look stupid.

Use Accessories …

  • Maps & globes: Bring the old world into the new world by encasing a weathered treasure map in a rustic frame. Add a vintage stand-up globe to invite the element of travel into your space.
  • Suitcase trunks: Stack brown, leather-bound trunks adorned with antique brass for the hardware enclosures on top of each other as a side table.
  • Old Books: Because the foundation of steampunk was born in novels, using heavy-duty, leather-bound books are essential. Stack them on a shelve or have them sit in a bookcase.
  • Submarine portholes or deep-sea dive helmets: Add some mystery to your bedroom by hanging a porthole (if you can get your hands on one) in the middle of your closet door. It asks: “What’s going on in there?” A submarine helmet is a quirky way to add a nautical element, as well. Oh, and don’t forget to send flowers at FTD.com to your wife to top it all off. Go figure.

Photo by Flickr user TORLEY

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