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Welcome to The Compass Points to M. This is to be a “web-log” dedicated to the creations, ideas, writings, musings, compositions and what-ever else a person can get online that runs in the vein of a dark, DIY and preferably neo-retro aesthetic.

The more maddening, the more whimsical and more off-putting the creation… heh… the better!

If you’re interested in contributing to this blog please contact mine self personally at JosephCRVourteque@gmail.com. You can also find me on Facebook as Joseph CR Vourteque as well!

On top of all the above, there is also a “Steampunk” themed search mechanism, a listing of some websites I presently find interesting (and if you have suggestions, please give them), and a favorite of mine, a news-roll of the strange.

I do hope to not be the only one twiddling my thumbs here and showing pictures of my non-existent cats to equally bored house wives on my days off, so please. JUMP ON IN!

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