What I learned at World Steam Expo III

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World Steam Expo, or as “we people” like to call it “WSX”, ended a couple of weeks ago and I must say it was a wiz-bang of a time!

Though not quite as tight as previous years they made up for it in expanding the live acts into two stages (and one room) as well as putting together one of the most raging con parties I’ve ever been to (disclosure, I also DJed it).  Steampunk conventions by their nature are not typically as heavy on panels though make up for this by providing many more live acts.  Thus the paneling, though not extensive, felt just about right for the crowd the weekend brought in.

But you don’t really care about that.   You care to know about what I did because I’m amazing.  Thus, I shall expound upon my sleepless, scotch and wine fueled weekend in the only form the aether really reads. Lists.

So I offer you fine disgusting, unwashed masses… “What I learned during my weekend at World Steam Expo III”

1. Everyone smokes pipes now.

I’m not kidding, everyone smokes pipes now. Everyone. People who never smoked before now smoke pipes. I think this is fantastic because I never really smoked and I smoke a pipe.  What am I trying to say?  That smoking pipes is cool.

2. Bluebeard actually does get tired.

I kid you not, he couldn’t put a sentence together by day two, unfortunately (for him at least) it was a four day con so he had to relearn the entire English language.  And that, that was hilarious.

He had to learn it from this kid.

3. Steampowered Giraffe is one of the best acts I’ve ever seen.

I don’t think I need to elaborate on this.  Buy a ticket to San Diego and see them if they’re not coming to your city anytime soon. Seriously, that’s how good they are.

4. John Strangeway wants to make out with everyone.

And who’s going to complain about that?

Steam-Palin is, but mostly because even Strangeway has standards.

5. Archimedes Cafe still costs twice as much as it should BUT it’s not as slow as it used to be.

We actually got served in under two hours. Also, I liked the potato skins, there I said it.

6. If you have to change the room and time of your panel, 10am on Monday is a REALLY bad time to pick.

But at least there is no one around to watch you as you entertain yourself with the microphones.

7. Dressing as a 1970’s porn star at a steampunk convention is an awesome way to find out who is cool and who is disturbingly into being “period”.

Hint, the people who aren’t fun won’t acknowledge you. Extra hint, insisting on talking to THOSE people while dressed as a 1970’s porn star doesn’t illicit many results. Extra extra hint, go to the pool, recruit people swimming and have sexy dance parties in the dealers room.


8. Phineas Toon knows how to throw a mother of a party.

The Sunday night con party was far in away one of the most raging parties I’ve been to EVER (and I used to throw… gasp… raves).

8.5.  Red Stripe Leotard guy is invited to every party I ever go to.

Because he is.

9. IAPS and Ace of Spades also throw great parties.

Wonderful… booze fueled… parties.

So that is that. Can’t wait for next year, I had a seriously wonderful time and thanks to everyone involved! Great seeing old friends Frenchy & The Punk, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing, League of STEAM, IAPS and Eli August as well as making new friends with Steampowered Giraffe, Robert from Abney Park and Jon Magnificent.

-The Lord Baron

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  • 1 Dr Toon Jun 14, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    Thank you sir! We all threw a monumental party that night and look forward to doing it again. North Carolina won’t know what hit them!
    And I agree…Red Stripe Leotard Guy MUST be at every party. Period.

  • 2 Michael "Doc Holliday" Wiggins Jun 14, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    Lovely Article Lord Baron..
    And Yes Many “Ladies of the Night” Miss you in Detroit ;)

  • 3 Captain Theo Jun 14, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    I won’t lie, when you came up to us in the dealer hall during your sexy pool party phase, it was awesome. You rock, that is all. Also, you kicked ass as a DJ too, so bonus points.

  • 4 Lord Baron Joseph C.R. Vourteque IV Jun 26, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    You are all too kind! Thank you ever so much!

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