Where Doth the Good Steampunkers Meet?

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Hello hello from the Lord Baron – it’s been a moment since I last graced the pages of The Compass, but in the light of the DIY trunk show (see below), I felt perhaps we can move forward on suggesting some suggestions where, at least Chicago Steampunk-ers, can meet up.

First and foremost there is THE STEAMPUNK EMPIRE.

Let us face it – we Neo-Victorian/Dickensian/Holmesian/Steampunkian types have a bit of that “let’s build an empire to take over the world” bent – and what better place to express such regards as a social networking site on the aether-web?  By all means – go – sign up and then be sure to join The Chicago Steampunk Society on THE STEAMPUNK EMPIRE!

“But Lord Baron” you grovel (you best be groveling) “My aether-web just does not work” or… “But Lord Baron” you grovel (again) “I’m too good for another social networking site and I totally suck, nah!” you say?

Well then!  That is why Adam Killing & Roland Vega throw a ANALOG POP – EVERY MONDAY AT RODAN (details here). There they play everything from classic darkwave, new wave and industrial to some… need we say, strange musical endeavors.  They are occasionally joined by others, including the likes of myself, the fine Mr. Auto-Technical and the lovely Mr. Wesley Groves.

They also show LOTS of strange and classic movies such as Holy Mountain and the Cremaster Cycle.  The night boasts a fantastic gathering of like-minded intellectuals in a lounging atmosphere which is, of course, lubricated by the likes of $3 lychee champagne cocktails and 1/2 bottles of wine with the purchase of two entrees.

But is there MORE?

Yes there is more.

We – The ROYAL LADIES & GENTLEMENS EXPERIMENTAL MADNESS SOCIETY – occassionally hold semi-private soirees at a variety of fantastic spaces (hint hint – see our links at the bottom of the page).  But for THAT information – you shall have to stay tuned – though a little bird tells me to expect one to surface come mid-December.

-The Lord Baron J.C.R. Vourteque IV

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