Windycon 36 – It’s “Steampunk”

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Which – of course – means there will be an awful lot of this.

I cannot deny though, they put a lot of time into those outfits.
My subtle and yet unfounded derision for individuals with more skill than myself aside, it should be a roaring good time and I do suggest any and EVERYONE who can make it and has a passion for steampunk to attend.  Though I don’t expect it to be as “steamy” as Steam-Con (there is an terrible amount of steam in this paragraph, no?), it should still be a pretty, pardon my language but, damn good show.
But what is even more exciting than Windy-Con 36 BEING Steampunk this year?  Well what is even more exciting than WindyCon being Steampunk at least to mineself and perhaps my mother?  That I’m a panelist!  And thus, I would even MORE so love to see your shining faces.
I will be a panelist under my pen name ‘Joseph C. Rovner’ for three panels.
“Clacks & Clanks” on Friday with fellow panelists D. Murphy, P. Ruiz, D. Smith & H. Spencer – a panel that discusses the use of technology in the steampunk genre and asks if one should be creating new machines or simply “steampunk-out” old ones.
“Free Books” on Saturday with fellow panelists E. Flint, S. Silver, &  B. Trumpinski-Roberts – I believe this one is fairly self-explanatory.
“What is Steampunk?” on Sunday (after the Zepplin RACE!) with J. Blaylock, D. Mead & Myself – We’re going to completely geek out about what we think Steampunk is – it’ll be fun!
Enough self-masturbatory reveling (my gods my language!) I shalt – hopefully – see you – if nowhere – at least at THE BALL ON SATURDAY NIGHT!
For more information visit Windy-Con 36 – STARTS TOMORROW!
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