Windycon 36: Photographs

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Windycon 36 was an amazing success, full of fashion finery, bully beer, gadgetry galore, beautiful boots and perfect panelists.

Some photographs from the event can be seen on The Facebook, as made by the Rev. Cpt. Samuel Flint

Windycon 2009 (Rev. Cpt. Samuel Flint)

Further writings from the RLGEMS coming shortly, but the photos speak thousands of words. Friends over at The Enthusiasts have posted a writeup, and created an amazing gallery. I agree whole heartedly that the food, beer and drink covered in admission was amazing. The group meeting room really brought people together and ave an opportunity to mingle, meet, and show off ocntraptions and outfits. The open bar of Guinness, Harps, wine and Woodchuck was fantastic as well.

Windycon 36 (The Enthusiasts)

Enjoy, and more to follow!

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