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Steampunk Chicago is available to present panels, make appearances and bring characters to your event or convention.


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Practical Airship Skills
Captain Flint shares his practical knowledge of all things steamy airships. Sure, you’re an airship pirate, mechanic, captain, or maybe just an air-bilge monkey. You’ve gone on these grand adventures and seen exotic places, but can you describe how your ship works? It’s well time to know how much canvas to fly and proper balloon inflation in a nor’easter! Get hands on with real airship knots and bends and learn all about airship rigging, piloting, tactics, and mooring, as well as what to do when it all goes wrong.

Steampunk on a Budget
Steampunk doesn’t have to be a golden investment in leather and brass! You can dress steampunk with a modest budget and find inspiration, clothing, parts and ideas in the strangest of places. Let us share our experiences, buying tips and thrifty ideas to help you tailor your next outfit or project. You’ll learn where to go and what to look for!

Steampunking the Home
Steampunk can be so much more than just fiction, fashion and fantasy. With forward thinking, craftiness, and reuse, you can turn your home into a wonderful space to work, live and relax. Learn to use to your advantage object reuse, thriftiness, repurposing, antiquing and clever shopping to produce a home that’s not only lovely to be in, but reflects your steampunk interests and lifestyle as well.

Steampunk 101
Steampunk! What is it? Where is it? Where did it come from and where is it going? Learn all this and more and this primer of this exciting sub-culture and science fiction genre that blends the Victorian, Guilded and pre-World War II eras with the science and ideas of the future and today!

Lovecraft for Beginners
Vourteque will talk about his favorite author, HP Lovecraft, with you. Please feel free to bring your ideas, experiences, opinions and questions!

Live Music

V is for Villains
Highly villainous Steampunk rock 

White City Rippers
Theremin and Accordian superstars

Lords & Ladies Vaudevillian Disc Jockeys
Mr. Automatic
Faye Kabian
Mr. M

Thee Bluebeard
Panels, Live comedy show, Character Performance

Captain T. Captain
Live Show, Character Performance


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