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In the Corner of a Round Room



Between social obligations and assorted tasks, I did not think that I would have time for an article this week. When I saw an octopus in the basket of a hot air balloon on Sunday, there was something to share. …

Play and Paint


Prince Albert

Get your art on this week when esoteric theater company Terra Mysterium performs its new play The Secret History of Prince Albert: A Tale of the Clockwork Prince on Friday, May 8, 2015, and artist Jason Brammer holds his Open …

Steampunks to Gear up at Chicago’s Airship Harbor



Steampunks are used to dressing up, going antiquing, and having adventures, and often dancing into the night. Seldom though do we meet up over drinks and coffee, share ideas, tell stories, and keeping things moving in the scene. That’s why …

Steampunks set to invade Metro Detroit this weekend!



World Steam Expo may be gone, but a new steampunk convention has arisen to take its place over Memorial Day weekend.

Up in the Aether starts Friday at the Doubletree Dearborn-Detroit, 5801 Southfield, Detroit, and it sounds like a lot …

Steampunk Valentines!



Our talented graphic artist Sam Perkins-Harbin has designed two steampunk Valentine’s day cards fr his lovely girlfriend and has shared them with the world!

YouSteamMyHeart Happy Valentines day everyone. To send your steamy lover a valentine, head over to the Steampunk

History Revised!


History ain’t what it used to be! Steampunks mash up the past and present while looking to the future. Altered History and Alternate Histories are two websites that have fun scrambling the past.

Captain Kit Kaboom (aka Abbey Manalli of …

T-Pain Continues Modern Musician Trend to Embrace Steampunk


Fresh on the heels of Justin Bieber’s bizarre attempt at a steampuk music video, and in the vein of such rockers as Primus and Rush, comes the news that T-Pain’s new tour and album will be, of course, …

Watch Chains and Lace Next Sunday, July 24!


Watch Chains and Lace greets the steamy summer next weekend! This is an all ages steampunk event in Oak Park, IL. Come one, come all and experience high tea, music, fashion, dancing, art, vendors, acts and more! Tickets are still

Chicago Steampunk Event this Saturday!


Come one, come all to Chicago, for this Saturday June 4, we have an extra-ordinary event! Presenting, the Polyphonic Panorama! A night filled with steampunk and vaudeville music, steampunk fashion, pirate humor, fantastic Steampunk art, jewelry and more!

The …

Futura Obscura: The Timeless Art of Jason Brammer


Remembering the Future III

There’s a nostalgic decay in the work of Chicago artist Jason Brammer.  His Time Machines series incorporates antique items into his paintings, using the 3D materials to pull the 2D past into our world. It draws from Art Nouveau. …